Futures: The Mark Trombino Sessions

A set of demos by Jimmy Eat World

"Big Cars"

This song never got released, and probably won't ever be. Some have speculated that this song was reworked and became "Big Casino" on Chase This Light.

"Lying Dressed" or "Closer"

The demo version of "Closer" was also previously called "Lying Dressed". This ended up on the Stay on my Side Tonight EP in 2005.

"Drugs or Me"

The early version which was mostly acoustic and had alternate lyrics. There is a simple but heavy ending on this version other demos and the final version don't have.


Jim tries some screaming vocals on the bridge of this version! There is also a long instrumental which was changed in the final mix.


This song wasn't changed after this recording, and was a downloadable single. It was also found on the deluxe Japanese version of Futures.

Alternate Art

This art is found on the back of the Japanese version of the Futures lyric book. It may have been considered for album cover art at one point.

Futures Single

This was the cover art for the "Futures" single, with a limited geographic physical release.

Yer Feet

A B-side from the "Pain" single. This Mohave 3 cover is a live recording and only performed by Jim Adkins.