Stephen Brand

Socialize with Stephen Brand

Want to talk to Stephen, or just hear what he has to say? He can be found on many social media sites, some of which serve different purposes for him. Here are ways to get in touch with or listen to Steve:

Futures Passed Forum: This is the best way to contact Stephen, and it's under his control, so it's much more private (between you and Steve) than large social media sites (like Facebook, which uses your information for marketing).

Stephen Brand on Twitter: Steve uses Twitter for link posting in addition to small updates. He also attempts to make jokes on it as well.

Stephen Brand on Facebook: This is a little more personal, so if you want to follow him using your facebook account, you can click "like" on Ideafication's Facebook Page.

: Much less active than the other sites, but it's another option for you if you're not in a hurry.

Steve will ocassionally check this page for comments, which you may post below: