Stephen Brand

Automotive Work

Being interested in vehicle and structural design from a young age, Stephen Brand would eventually end up going to Tampa Bay Technical High School (class of 2007) to study auto mechanics. After high school, while deciding to pursue other interests, maintained an interest in cars and automotive design, always jumped at the chance to help a friend out with their latest car concerns and problems. You can check Steve's Mechanic Blog for the most recent work he has done. The most notable auto-related web content he has written, however, is Cars Simplified, a non-wiki collection of automotive knowledge aimed to help out novice and expert do-it-yourselfers alike. Because he hasn't worked at a mechanic shop, he hasn't worked on a vast array of cars, but here is list of some of the cars he has worked on:

In the future, Steve's optimistic goals are to start a new mass-production car company, and be a hands-on CEO of the company.